Before I started Orastories, I had this blog.

But, I wanted to bring a new dimension to my writing by synthesizing the amazing experiences that I have had over the years. But through my need to expose myself to as many niches and experiences as possible, I lost a little bit of what I found special about the original blog to begin with.

The last few months have been so very special and formative to me because I continually learned to try to access a deeper level of honesty with myself and with my writing. I enjoy the business world, but I don’t love it. I enjoy personal development, but don’t love the way I’ve been going about it.

This website, to me, was and is an exercise in exposing myself — and the things I truly love — to the world. I try to look at life as deeply as I can. To look at the struggles we all go through as human beings, and to do my absolute best to weave words that make people courageous enough to be honest with themselves, and to give them reasons to create new senses of meaning for themselves…

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