This piece is an excerpt from my new ebook 30 in 30: 30 Ways to Improve Your Happiness in 30 Days

1. Because it is one of a kind

Take a look at your fingers, your toes, and everything in between, in all of its divinity and imperfection. There is no other body exactly like yours on this planet — and there never will be. Everything that you see and everything that you feel is completely and entirely unique. What could be more remarkable?

2. Because you were made just the way you were supposed to be

God never makes mistakes, and neither does mother nature. Just like our souls and our minds should be used for purposeful living, as should our bodies. The body is an extension of our self, and though different bodies were made for different tasks, they are all equally important. We all have our own physical challenges and insecurities to deal with, but we should take comfort in the fact that everyone is going through this struggle, and by working to empathize with each other, we can build a better world.


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